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Academy of Physicians in Wound Healing

Louisiana Cardiovascular & Limb Salvage Center, APMC



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Palliative Wound Care
Report of 4th Annual Palliative Wound Care Conference
May 2013

What a wonderful time we had in Indianapolis in mid-May at the 4th Annual Palliative Wound Care Conference. 150 people from as far away as Turkey were there for 2 ½ days to learn and share about palliative wound care. We had two full days, Thursday and Friday, with high quality excellent lectures. Dr. Bruce Chamberlain’s lecture on dealing with pain and suffering with wounds was exceptional, challenging and very helpful and encouraging.

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Prevent Amputation                  

                        Heal Wounds

In a country where a limb amputation occurs once every six minutes, alternatives must be explored.  The Hope of Healing Foundation® is dedicated to limb salvage and wound healing, bringing hope to those who suffer from wounds and are facing amputation.  The mission of this foundation is to educate the public and medical professionals about, and advocate for, methods of preventing amputations and promoting wound healing.



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Did You Know?!?

In the United States, there is one amputation every 6 minutes!  That adds up to 82,000 limb amputations each year for diabetic patients due to wounds, pain, and poor circulation.

Worldwide, there is one amputation every 30 seconds.

Most wounds are due to neuropathy that causes loss of feeling in the feet.

How can I prevent amputation?

Have your feet screened to determine if you are at risk.

If you experience pain, tingling, or numbness in your feet, or detect redness, blisters, calluses, or any sign of trauma, see your doctor without delay for and evaluation.

Share with others the information you learn about maintaining healthy feet.



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